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Better Water understands the critical role of water in laboratory research and testing. From university research to clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories, Better Water's systems are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards for high-purity water.

Our systems can provide a few gallons a day to several thousand gallons of ultrapure (Type l), analytical grade (Type ll), or laboratory-grade water (Type lll). Every Better Water lab system is designed to give you the water quality you need in a cost-effective, convenient, and easy-to-use package. Our equipment line includes:

  • High-Purity Water Systems
  • DI Systems
  • RO Units
  • UV Sterilizers
  • Ultra Filters

In addition to water treatment equipment, Better Water carries a complete line of accessories and consumables including filters and membranes, in stock and ready to ship.

Aries Ultra Pure Lab System

Aries Ultra Pure Lab System

The Aries Lab System from Better Water provides high-purity water at point of use. Compact and simple to use, this unit can be free-standing or wall mounted.

The Aries unit provides up to 4 liters a minute and the product water exceeds ASTM Type 1 water specifications. The high-capacity cartridges require less frequent change-outs and provide lower operating costs.

There are a variety of options available for the Aries system:

  • Remote Dispensing Gun
  • .05 Micro Hollow Fiber UF Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment

Aries Ultra Pure Lab System Brochure

Customized Service Deionization Units

Service deionization (SDI) is a safe, easy, and economical way to produce high-purity water. SDI is used to provide pure water in a variety of settings including lab, microelectronics, and general industry. Better Water will design an SDI that works for you. Our systems are designed to meet your needs based on water purity, flow rates, and financial goals. In addition to the SDI systems, we offer pre-filtration, final micron filters, ultraviolet sterilization, and more.

Our DI plant operates under a strict set of procedures and quality controls. 100% of Better Water tanks are individually tested prior to delivery. Each step of the DI process is documented to ensure proper chemical dosage, contact times, and rinse times.

Our service includes support 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. We offer emergency contingency plans as well as service contracts.

Deionization Service Brochure

Reverse Osmosis Systems


Better Water's reverse osmosis systems are designed to meet a variety of applications in laboratory and medical settings. Our systems provide great flexibility to meet your needs. Our reverse osmosis product line ranges from a small, standard unit that produces 2.5 gallons per minute, to a self-contained RO system with a small foot print, to our large FDA 510k systems that produce 13.75 gallons per minute of ultra-pure water. Better Water's extensive product line ensures that we can provide the right RO for your water needs.

In addition to reverse osmosis systems, Better Water offers pre-treatment equipment, storage, and distribution systems.

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